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It all began 5 years ago when Kiki started the Instagram account @htspt_rotterdam. This profile gave her a platform to showcase all the best places from her hometown, Rotterdam. In the spring of 2019, she created the first printed HTSPT city guide with her English editor-in-chief, Jazzie. When Covid-19 hit at the beginning of 2020, almost all projects within HTSPT came to a standstill. Because of this, Jazzie and Kiki suddenly had extra time on their hands. They thought hard about their biggest passions and what came to mind was: travel, photography, and sharing experiences. This led to the birth of chapter fernweh.

Thanks to the pandemic and their longing for adventure, they decided to collaborate with 50 beautiful and unique holiday escapes in their own backyard. This project was demanding, it required their full attention and took over a year to complete. Within that period, they made their way through the ins and outs of this country, documenting these fantastic locations. Now, they have created a beautiful website and travel guide with photos and information about each overnight. After falling head over hills for vacations in their own country, they are more than proud to share their journey with you!

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Jazzie and Kiki


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This is THE guide if you are interested in discovering 50 unique overnight stays in the Netherlands. This book features the best vacation spots throughout the country and includes provinces, major cities, and hidden gems! Not only will you find detailed descriptions, but also beautiful photos taken at each site. A great choice for those looking to discover the Netherlands in a way most haven’t before.